24. Jul, 2018

Jamming In Tiptree

Hopefully, after spending a few quid, my car problems are behind me so I’m taking a chance coming out for a day’s caching. I don’t want to go to far but there are slimmer than slim pickings near me. My plan is to pick off a few orphan caches that had been eluding me, hoping to end up in Tiptree. Here’s how the day panned out.

My first port of call was the RST in Wickham Bishops. I had tried a few times to find this one but I couldn’t get the coords right. I discussed this with the CO and we came to the opinion that the information on the signs had been changed. Armed with the correct coords, I parked near to GZ and quickly had the cache in hand.

I then spent a couple of hours repatriating the orphans around Tiptree, Inworth and Messing including a couple from the Not So Easy series. I was particularly pleased to see the old Workhouse in Messing. That building has been busy over the years.🤔

After a spot of lunch, I tackled the linear series of trads called Tiptree’s Jamming. For those of you who are not from Essex, Tiptree is famous for the Wilkin & Son jam and preserve factory that has been in town since 1885. I am often amazed when travelling abroad to see the little pot of Wilkin’s marmalade on the breakfast table. 🍊😀

The series caused few problems apart from #4. The CO was following my progress via the alerts and gave me precise info via text but still no joy.🙁 At one point, I got off the platform and down into the reeds. I was suddenly Humphrey Bogart from “African Queen” but I could have done with Katherine Hepburn’s eyes looking for the cache too.

On the way home, I picked up the VS and CM in Woodham Ferrers. All in all, a good day and as for the car, shh.

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