29. Jul, 2018

Turning Green Street Green Yellow

Another weekend morning so I must be somewhere in Kent. This week, I’m back in Chelsfield to hopefully finish off a circular series that I did part of last week. After that, I’m going over into Green Street Green to find some more caches around there. Here’s how the morning went.

I parked up at the CM in Chelsfield just after dawn. This mystery was based on a plaque dedicated to nearby resident, Brass Crosby, a former Lord Mayor of London, after whom the term, Bold as Brass, was formed. After success here, I drove into Chelsfield to carry on that unnamed series from last week.

It took ninety minutes to tick off the remaining dozen caches including the well worked mystery bonus involving a Coal Tax post. However the weather suddenly turned for the worse and it got quite stormy. I had another hour or so for caching and I wasn’t going home yet.⛈

I managed another five caches.☹️ These were four trads including the Chelsfield ST plus the Green Street Green Baptist CM multi. At this point, even I had to admit defeat on the weather but I’d had a good morning though.

1 Multi 2 Mystery 15 Traditional