4. Aug, 2018

On The Way Down

After a good night’s sleep, I had an early breakfast and started looking for some local caches killing time until the Mega event started at ten o’clock.

My first cache of the day was the A different 366 challenge (unknown) cache in Assenby just down the road from the village pub in Dishforth just after 0830. I then did a tour of the local villages picking up trad CMs and an RST multi. I found the CM Christ the Consoler just outside the gates of Newby Hall, in Skelton-on-Ure, the venue for the Mega, a few minutes before ten.

This was a fantastic event and the Committee and volunteers much be really proud of what they achieved today. I set about seeing who was here, texting mates and meeting up. I spoke to many people, mainly to ask if they minded me taking photos of their trackable garments.🤔 A team of us went after the Lab caches eventually finding all of them. However it was impossible to log the finds as everyone else was jamming the server.😢

I found out where the Lock Pick Village was and went over there to meet up with Susan aka Lulybelle, until now only a Twitter Geocaching friend. I got right into this lock picking lark and now have my own kit to practice with.🤔 After a cup of artisan local coffee, I made a couple more circuits bumping into more familiar faces until it got to noon when I needed to set off for the long drive down south. 

I took my time getting home meandering on and off of the A1 collecting a few CMs and selected trads. It was certainly less frantic than yesterday.😀 However I was still a little tired and I wanted to get home in one piece. I arrived home just after six.

1 Mega, 2 Mystery, 3 Mult, 13 Traditional