7. Aug, 2018

French Team Wins Again

Love them or loathe them, team caches are a fact of Geocaching life. I participate in many of them but would only claim them in a country that I have already cached in. What normally happens is that sir_spectre, an Australian cacher, contacts me for assistance on a team cache. This one is GC21X2B Le polyglotte 2 : trop tard! (Unknown cache) in Ile-de-France, France.

Once again sir_spectre invited me to join his team and I was pleased to help with the necessary information. 

The team was sir_spectre, funny52, le panadas, Malix007, jacknor, sydman, Picarax, Crazedllama, A J Pombo, schnurpenturp, lucinda1904 N48, Nickanddonna, Team Glandouillage, Team Talog, peegeenine, Team Vella, ufridolin, Saaruska, Exploradora73, Cache&Cookies, jojoklot, leenie222, TeamLarcee, Tami TamTam, Blue Nora, L+K, bruno_batista, Matyasus and WillowZilla.
Many thanks to slackmac for signing the whole team in and especially to axey for setting this one for us.👍

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