13. Aug, 2018

Shoreham Shutdown - 12th August

I was back in Kent for another early few hours geocaching before I had to be home by ten o’clock. The plan was do some of the Froggies Leap Around Shorne series but there were a couple of caches from the Smiley Bandit Tour that I wanted to do first. 
It was on the way to this one that I noticed that the maps app on my iPhone wasn’t giving me audible instructions which continues to give me problems despite Apple’s best efforts.

I’d done a couple of the Smiley Bandit Tour series and was now about to Leap Around Shorne. I parked up in Coutts Avenue and walked up the Gravesend Road to get on the northern half of the circuit. i had a splendid walk along the paths around the village picking up some clever multis and straight forward trads. I had a couple of DNFs and some MIAs.

Once I’d finished the top section, I drove down across the A226 into the heart of the village. I had enough time to find another of the Smiley Bandit series and the #1 of the Leap series. I decided to save the rest for another day. On the way out of the village, I gathered the info for the VS Shorne multi.😀 

3 Multi 10 Traditional