19. Aug, 2018

Down Cooling Session

Another early doors journey into Kent this morning. As usual, I want to be across the Queen Elizabeth bridge before six just to save one DART charge.🤔 The main target this morning was the Cooling Crawl series. As the crow flies, this is only about six miles away from me but unfortunately the Thames is in the way.🙁 I had been looking forward to visiting this part of the world especially with its Charles Dickens connections.

I started off at the Milton-Next-Gravesend CM multi that I’d dipped out on last week and I quickly resolved my previous failure.😀 I then drove down the Kentish lanes parking up in the lay-by just outside Cooling Church. The weather was dry but a little bit cool, however it was early. 😀 I had a splendid walk and found all but one of the fourteen cache series, only missing out on #2.

I didn’t have enough time to check out the CM and the VS here, however, I had a look around the churchyard especially the paupers graves. On the way out of the village, I collected another one of the TuGS C&D series just to round off the day.🤫 

1 Multi 16 Traditional