2. Sep, 2018

Longfield Loop

It‘s Sunday and I’m back in Kent for another early morning circular walk. I’m going to tackle the Longfield Hill Loop. This series of 28 caches is around the said village, 5 and a half miles long over field footpaths and some roads. 🤔  I certainly won’t be able to complete the entire series in the time that I have available but I’ll give it a go.

It took me a while to find the suggested parking place. In fact I went right past and had to go right down to a farm with the butchers shop before I could turn. On the way back I found a decent parking place by some metal gates to seemingly nowhere just a couple of hundred yards down the lane from #1.

With the time at 0623, I’d sorted the first one and I’m off to the next one, not in the series. Longfield View has a low D/T, totally inappropriate, in my opinion. It took some time to bushwhack through the undergrowth to find the fiendishly hidden cache. Still another cacher followed my cachers trail for a quick find later that day.🤔

The series was shaping up nicely with a lot of clever ideas and cunning placements for the caches.  I failed at the multi at #5 - Getting Noticed? but I made a cardinal error on this one. I worked my way up to #9, another multi but had another failure here. Numbers 10 and 15 were fairly straightforward and then I came spectacularly unstuck.

I couldn’t find the trad #16 - Spencer despite a long search and the multi #17 - Spuds, gave me loads of grief as my calculated coords put me in the middle of a ploughed field.☹️ So I gave up as time was getting on. Coming away from #16, I managed to get lost.☹️ In the end, I could see where the road was and headed down that way to what I thought was a gap in the hedge. Unfortunately there was no way through to the road and had to walk right up to the farm with the butcher’s shop that I had seen about 0620 this morning. I had to make up some time so set off at Scout’s pace back to the car.

On the way up Hartley Bottom Road, I picked up #18 - A First Class Cache,  Orange Hill and #29 - Finally One For The Road, all trads. So the morning hadn’t been as successful as I had hoped but numerically, I done well.😀 Hopefully, my luck will improve and give me a clear run through the tunnel.

17 Traditional