2. Sep, 2018

VangeRover On Tour - Shh!

Foulness Island is a top secret weapons testing facility near Southend-on-Sea. Access is severely limited although there are two villages on the island and many active farms. The school, church, the pub and the post office are now redundant.

Every year, from April through to September, on the first Sunday of the month for four hours, restricted parts of the island are open to the general public subject to security conditions. It seemed like a decent idea to hold a event on the island. It might get a bit of interest.🤔

The event came about from a message from Scarecrow Rog on the Essex Facebook group last year about the open days on Foulness Island. I thought that he was going to organise something but when that didn’t materialise, I started to make plans for this year’s open season.

If you attended the event, I know that you won’t beleive me but when I visited Foulness Island to check the place out in June, I got there just before noon and there were two cars in that carpark.🤔 So what happened today? Was it the fact that a large U3A group were checking in or that it was probably the final open day this year?

I thought that I had got there in good time for our event so I was amazed to see a line of people queuing out of the gates trying to get through security. Although I didn’t get up to the Heritage Centre until 1250, I did a lot of chatting to fellow cachers whilst in the queue. It was certainly buzzing at the Heritage Centre. Luckily there was still a large selection of cake left for everyone although the sandwiches had run out. The cake was so good that I had to try two slices.

I was really pleased that there was such a good turn out from the caching fraternity. It was pleasing to see that we had cachers come down from Suffolk (hello Frenchboy) and London (well Romford and by train, too, hello neilandjen). I understand that two cachers also turned up at the gates in a taxi and the security people arranged transport for them onto the island.

The weather that I especially ordered turned up and I’m glad everyone I spoke to had enjoyed the event. For once I remembered to bring a log book and even remembered to take some photos.

How am I going to top this one?😀😀 

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