13. Sep, 2018

It’s My Birthday - 11th September

It’s my birthday and I can go where I want to.😀 I’ve been wanting to visit the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich Park for so long now and today is the day. I had a couple of virtual caches lined up for the day but as I sat in a cafe near the Cutty Sark, enjoying my lunch, I fired up the app to see which other caches were around. 

I picked up a couple of clever trads on the way from the DLR station and after walking up the hill, we were soon at the entrance to the Observatory for the Royal Observatory Greenwich Cache virtual. I found my way around to the meridian line outside the Observatory walls and my wife took a photo of me for my proof of visit. I was surprised to see a statue for General Wolfe of Quebec fame here. What is the significance?

Now it was time to visit the National Maritime Museum and spent a pleasant couple of hours looking around the Nelson exhibition in the National Maritime Museum. I had hoped to see some Harrison maritime timepieces here but I was told that they were on display up at the Royal Observatory.🤔

We were now going to Greenwich Pier to get a river boat up west and I gathered the answers to the Whiskey Galore virtual. All I had to do now was get the boat up to the London Eye landing stage. 

2 Traditional 2 Virtual