16. Sep, 2018

A Cob On In Cobham

I am trying to qualify for a challenge cache in Kent that needs me to find at least one hundred and fifty caches per month for twelve consecutive months. I am travelling abroad a lot during September, I am not sure that I can get the required number this month. So when I do get out caching, I need numbers.🤔

As usual, I pop down into Kent for a couple of early hours caching and today I reckon that I have enough time to do this five mile circular walk around Cobham. I pulled into Cobham at first light and quickly gathered the answers to the multi at 01. However at GZ, I didn’t have any luck at all so I wasn‘t off to a great start.

Luckily, I got back on track with 02 and worked my way up to 09, picking up two multis with the remainders being trads. Unfortunately, I then suffered a complete mobile signal blackout. ☚ī¸ It’s never happened to me before and I hope that it never happens again. I had apple maps but absolutely no signal hence no loading of the app details. The terrain was undulating and I almost got enough signal going up hills but no chance in the valley.🤔

I followed the path of the series and at 12d, I struck lucky despite no signal. 😀 When I got to 13, I gained enough signal to get details on the cache so had a quick find. I then gathered enough info 
to go back and find 12e. To be safe, I gathered info on the next few caches too in case I lost signal again. I found the 14 multi and then all the trads up to 21.😀

I had a go at the CM Cobham - St Mary Magdalene but obviously made the same mistake as many other cachers here and ended up getting the wrong set of coords. I had to go back and check out where I went wrong. I then found the well placed cache.

I then came back to Earth with a failure of the Cobham Historic Water Pump which I now know was MIA. I walked back through the High Street to the motor. I just had to have another go at 01 of the series but still no joy. Time was getting on and in the end I had to give up. I need to come back to the village armed with all the details to get the caches that I missed out on in the series. 😀

4 Multi 16 Traditional