18. Sep, 2018

Eight Thousand And Still Counting

I am trying to qualify for a challenge cache in Kent that needs me to find at least one hundred and fifty caches per month for twelve consecutive months. I am travelling abroad a lot during September, I am not sure that I can get the required number this month. So when I do get out caching, I need numbers. I have come up this way to tackle the rest what of the Essex & Suffolk Border Cycle Ride series. Add to the mix, the fact that I need to find a multi for my eight thousand cache to meet the qualification of another challenge cache.

I started off in Middleton at #25 of the Essex/Suffolk Border Cycle Ride Series and quickly found the well placed trad. Nearby was a splendid “wagon wheel“ G5R lamp box, a very rare sight these days. The next three caches were multis including the well worked out one at Lamarsh Village Hall. The trads #28 to #31 were also soon sorted out.

I was now on seven thousand nine hundred and ninety nine caches found and I needed a multi to reach the magic eight thousand! Luckily #32 was a multi and if I get this one, I qualify for a challenge cache. This is to reach six geocaching milestones with a different caching icons. I didn’t know about this challenge until I was approaching seven thousand. Luckily I had already found four different icons at milestones before.😀 My luck was in, as I found the multi but I didn’t hear any cacophony of sound to celebrate.

I‘d finished my business in this neck of the woods and I set off towards Little Cornard to pick up #41 of the series that was MIA last week. I sorted this one and continued on with the series to get the trads #59 and #60. Nearby was another trad, the first one of the Baxter’s Trail series that I had my eye on for some time but only had this one on my list for today. 

I was now in Great Cornard, I sorted out the multi at the Village Hall, the trad CM and then Gourd Blimey. This was a special cache in that it was in the front garden of the sister of the other half of the OG&B combo, Mary. As I was doing the admin having found the clever cache when the sister came over and introduced herself.👋

Next up was #61, the final one of this series and this was a clever hide. I had to drive over to the VS and finally found the multi. I can see why others had had problems here before. I was almost in Sudbury by now so decided to find a cafe. Luckily, there was a large supermarket down the road and I took the opportunity to take coffee and a blueberry muffin. As I was resting, I sorted out a plan of action for some nearby caches. I had two hours free parking here so decided to use it as a base for a while.

I walked down the road from the supermarket and quickly found the trad Birthday Bungalow Bliss nestling in the COs front garden. After that, I worked my way over the railway lines and meadows to get to the multi #1 of the Cycle Ride series. The coords were some way off so I got back to the car and made my way into town to find a free car park. I struck lucky near the CM Sudbury - URC and quickly found this multi and set off for CM Sudbury - St Gregory. This had been enabled in the past few days and I now know that I got the right coords but I couldn’t find the cache. 

I had another failure at the CM Sudbury- All Saints but was in the right place to continue the Cycle  Ride series. I found #2 to #7, all trads apart from the multi #6, picking up #1 on the way. I was on a roll and collected #8 down to #16, inexplicably forgetting the trad at #11.

The run of trads continued after the multi at #17, finally working my way down to #24 and I was very pleased to complete this fine series. I was nacked and set off for home. However on the way, I was reminded that 068 : SEBC - Wormingford 3 was back in action so I had to go for it as I was passing very near to the track. I had a little bit of a tree climb but quickly had the trad in hand and another one of this series bites the dust.

Another great day! 😀

11 Multi 32 Traditional