22. Sep, 2018

Brighton Rocks 19-21 September

We’ve come down to Brighton for a couple of night to chill and enjoy ourselves. As we are also here with friends, the opportunities for caching are going to be limited so I’m going to have to take my chances.

We arrived in town and set off for the the pier. Unfortunately the winds were high and none of the rides were open which was a big disappointment. The knock on effect of that was that the crowds were not as I had expected. However there was a trad, Brighton Rocks - Brighton Pier here and I took the opportunity to grab it.😀

The next day I had a bit of a head 😨 but managed to get an hour to myself to take in some of the “sights.” I used the time well finding, B&H Monopoly- Queens Road, Brighton- Alley Nano, ST Brighton, Trainspotting, CM Prestonville - St Luke, ST LondonRoadBrighton and finally Twit Round The Hill. This last one was interesting as it was in one of the local alleys called Twittens. The cache was so clever that I had it in my hand, examined it and still didn’t realise what it was. 🙁 I had hoped to get a few more this afternoon but my iPhone battery died.

We were off home today and although we had a “bit of a night” last night, I was up early and out picking off three more trads. These were B&H Cinemas, Past and Present, Astoria/Coronation, CM Brighton - St Peter’s, a cunningly placed cache in full view and finally Balamory Street. 

I had only been here a couple of days, picking my moments to cache and I don’t think that I did  too badly.😀

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