27. Sep, 2018

Back to the Asylum - 24th September

I needed a cache for today as I knew that I wouldn’t have an opportunity for a couple of days. I saw that a couple of caches had been published near the site of the old Runwell Hospital. This brought back memories of so many great evenings at the Runwell Hospital Social Club. On the other side of the coin, I had to visit a family member in the hospital once and that’s not such a good memory.

The hospital opened in 1937 as the County Asylum and over years gained much information on the treatment of Alzeimer’s and similar conditions. The facility closed in 2010.

It has changed so much over here. Most of the hospital buildings have gone and there is now a huge housing estate in its place. I know that the sports ground is still there, including the pitches of Runwell Hospital FC. In fact, I spoke to their manager recently and the club is getting the proceeds of the 4G masts erected nearby so they will hope to get out of the Olympian League soon.

Anyway both of the trads were cleverly hidden but quickly found. I expect more caches to be placed over here soon. 😀

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