27. Sep, 2018

Arillas Adventure

We had come to Corfu to celebrate our thirtieth wedding anniversary in one of our favourite places. There are so many “off the track” places in Corfu that I would not have been able to visit unless I was looking for geocaches. We were having a three centre holiday and had hired a car so I hoped to pick up a few more Greek cache icons while we are on the island.

We were staying in Sidari first off and I wanted to do the circular series in nearby Arrillas. On the way was another short series set amongst the olive groves. I parked up just off the road near the search area, walked down the track and soon found the well hidden Olive Tree and Olive Trail.

I drove down into the delightful coastal village of Arillas on the north east of the Island. The series was about three miles long and to be honest, there was nothing taxing here. I got the impression that the COs were not local and the caches were maintained by cachers. I replaced #6 as it was MIA. All the caches were achieved by cache and dash, and I can only remember one of any interest.🙁

One that was interesting was Arillas Cache.😀 I parked up in a space across the road from the search area. I wasn’t sure if I could but it was early and the place was quiet. Reading the cache description, I knew the task in front of me. It would have been a much more difficult cache if it had been later in the day. I entrees the search area and there was one chap sitting at a table. I spoke to him in Greek but he turned out to be Barry from Yorkshire. 😀

I explained to Barry what I was doing and he said that he had stayed here two or three times a year for years and didn’t know there was something hidden here. I quickly found the well concealed cache and showed it to Barry. I then replaced the cache exactly as I had found it. I asked Barry to thank the owners for me and he said that he would.👍🏻

The last cache of the morning was San Stef Stroll just up the coast in Agios Stefanos. I drove up here from Arillas and struggled to get up the road to the viewpoint from the hairpin bend. In fact, I revved the hire car too much and slid all over the road. Still I got up there and parked the car up at the top. The scenery was fantastic but now the wind had got up it was a bit exposed to stay too long. This was one of the better caches of the day so far.

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