29. Sep, 2018

Paling Into Insignificance - 28th September

We were staying in Sidari first off and I had a good haul of caches around Arillas yesterday so I am going a little further afield this morning. The first one on my list was “The Night Owl” NY01. I drove down to Afionas and parked as carefully as I could on the bend near a taverna, strangely called the Night Owl. 🤔 The cache was very cunningly placed but I soon had it in hand. 

The next one on my list was Pirates Bay - Corfu. I parked near the church at the top of the village. and started on this multi. Stages 1 and 2 were quickly completed but the blackboard at Stage 3 seems to be missing. Ok, I could work with that but having got many hundreds of feet down to the beach I could only see 1/2 islands, nothing like the numbers in the multi choice answers. At this point I gave up. I don’t know how other cachers were solving this one as not all the information is availabl.☹️ I wanted  one  for a multi in Greece. That’s unlikely to happen now. ☹️ Now for the long drag back up the hill.

After resting back at the top, I drove down to Agios Georgios to collect the trads, Hectors House Waste Disposal and then the well placed Agios Georgios - North. I had run out of time so had to get back to Sidari as we were moving on to Paleokastritsa this morning.😀

We decided to the scenic route over the Troumpetta Pass to Paleo and we would go past some trads and I had special dispensation to look for them.😀 All three were situated near vistas and we had spectacular views when finding Troumpettas Viewpoint, Sky Bar Lostspace and Agia Anna Viewpoint. This brought us to the outskirts of Paleo so it was time to look for our hotel.

After unpacking and then relaxing by the pool, we made our way down to the harbour to see what was what. I knew that there was a 2/5 Earthcache - The Caves of Paleokastritsa here but I didn’t think that I had much of a chance as a boat or snorkelling equipment was a requirement. Imagine my excitement when I found that there were boat trips out to the caves including the one with the Blue Eye cave which was the subject of the EC. Well my wife was up for it and I thought about it for a nanosecond.😀 We paid our €10 each and had a fantastic experience getting close up to the caves. I also gathered all the information to claim the cache.👍🏻

Once we were back on dry land, it was time to find a restaurant for our dinner. Geocaching was over for the day.🙁

1 Earthcache 6 Traditional