29. Sep, 2018

The Emporer’s Throne

We are now staying in Paleokastritsa. There wasn’t an early start for me this morning as we had already decided to visit the Emperor’s Throne and I could get the two caches up here. 
As we drove up here from Paleo, the road was becoming familiar. We had stayed for a few days in Pelekas, five years ago when we were island hopping for five weeks. If only I had been Geocaching then. ☹️
We drove up the winding road from Pelekas and parked in the car park near the Emperor’s Throne. I had a quick find of the well hidden trad here and then climbed up the steps to the spectacular viewpoint. I quickly found the info to qualify for the virtual and sent it off to the CO. We then went to the nearby restaurant for lunch and to enjoy more of the fantastic view from here.😀

Later on in the afternoon, we drove down to the harbour at Paleo for dinner. However I couldn’t resist the chance of go looking for Kloster Paleokastritsa, a trad cache up near the monastery, overlooking the harbour. I left my wife in the restaurant near the beach and I set off for the trek up to the monastery (see the photograp). I followed the GPS and eventually found the path to the cache. Once I‘d found the well hidden cache, I then set off back up the path and then down to the restaurant.😀

1 Virtual 2 Traditional