1. Oct, 2018

Kassiopi Sunset

Today we went out on a boat trip from the harbour and we got back late afternoon. Just to make sure that my legs were ok, I went out for a walk up to the castle. The steps were just down the road from our hotel and I set off up the climb to the Kassiopi Sunset cache. After I had found this, I carried on around the perimeter of the castle walls until I found a path down to this cove, which I had never visited before. This was the location for the Dreamy rocky bay cove cache.

I got down to the beach and edged along the waterside rocks towards the search area. I didn’t have much luck here for ages as the cache was very well hidden and protected by prickly cactus. I only found it thanks to a photo in a log. 

When I got back to the beach, a Russian couple started chatting to me asking if I was a geologist. They were bemused when I told them that I was a geocacher and explained our hobby to them. I then set off through the back lanes of Kassiopi to the hotel.

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