3. Oct, 2018

A Little Meet-up in Kassiopi - 2nd October

This was our third day in Kassiopi and I was up early to find a few caches before an event that I arranged for nine o’clock. I walked out of town to the main coastal road and started going south until I got to the turn off for Avlaki. I picked up the Mythos TB Hotel, Avlaki beach road and the way to Kassiopi #2 caches over the next hour or so before yomping back to town. 

I arrived here on the stroke of nine and I was on my own for a few minutes. However, a car pulled and asked if I was a geocacher. The car contained Hans benHarm and Hermine van de Maan. Hermine got out while Hans went to park the car. Then another car pulled up with the caching duo Harkfast on board and they went to park the car too.

We were all together for about forty five minutes talking about local caches and caching in Iceland and Germany. The two couples were from Berlin but they didn’t know each other. When we went our different ways, they went off to cache together for the day.

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