4. Oct, 2018

One For The Road or Maybe Two - 3rd October

We had come to Corfu to celebrate our thirtieth wedding anniversary in one of our favourite places. There are so many “off the track” places in Corfu that I would not have been able to visit unless I was looking for geocaches. We were having a three centre holiday and have a hire car so I hope to pick up a few more Greek cache icons while we are on the island.

I had a number of successful caching mornings around Arrillas, Agios Georgios, Pelekas and Paleokastritsa. I had fulfilled a long time wish in visiting the Venetian Shipyards at Gouvia, not far from Corfu Town. While I was there I found the trad and a Wherigo and then set out up the coast going through familiar towns such as Dassia, Ipsos, Pyrgi, Barbarti and Nissaki Up to our final stop at Kassiop.

I was able to clear up most of the caches around the town and had even held an event where people turned up. I am most grateful to Hanss benHarm, Hermine van de Maan and Harkfast, two geocaching couples from Berlin for attending. 👏👏

So this was our last day on the island. We had a midday flight and my plan was to drive back down the east coast and fill up with fuel at a petrol station that I knew just above Ipsos. There just happened to be a trad 100 yards from there - Above Ypsos.🤔 I had a quick find of a cache in a less than salubrious setting.

This was to be my last cache on the island but as I filled in a part log into the app, it loaded on all the local caches and I noticed one down the road, the trad Polish Cache - Ipsos that had been published for a couple of days and as yet it hadn’t been found.😀 So we parked up on the main drag at Ipsos, overlooking the beach and I had a quick find of a cleverly placed cache with an equally clever hint. Oh yes, and I claimed the FTF.

So that was it, caching over. We’d had a great holiday here and hope to come back here soon. It will have to be in another part of the island though as I’ve done almost all of the caches around here.🤔

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