6. Oct, 2018

It’s A Mystery

It’s just after dawn, it’s at the weekend so I must be somewhere in Kent. I’ve come over here for a couple of hours to find some more caches. The darker mornings are compressing the time I have available as I still have to be back home by 1000.🙁 The plan is to pick up some challenge caches and an elusive church micro that has been bugging me for a while. 

I started off in Swanley and had found some of the challenge caches around the M25 Junction 3 roundabout. I then collected some of the Cellular Motion and WTF series of challenge caches that run alongside the M25 down near Crockenhill. I wished that I qualified for more of these but at least I’ve got the lie of the land for my return.

Next up was the AEIOU CM Challenge in Eynsford. I had only been working on this one for a couple of years, obtaining the final U in Underwood, Nottinghamshire on the way up to the Yorkshire Mega. Once I found this one, I decided that I had enough time to get drive down to Shoreham to try to tick off one of my nemesis caches.

I had solved the CM Shoreham multi some time ago but had failed to find the cache maybe three times. The CO had even confirmed the coords for me so I knew that I was in the right place. However I didn’t realise that there were more hint items tucked away round the back of the bushes on the well hidden footpath. This time I managed to spot the well placed cache.😀 

1 Multi 8 Mystery