8. Oct, 2018

That’s A Fine Pair Souvenir

I needed a qualifying cache for the Fine Pair 7th Anniversary souvenir and the Fine Pair cache in Chignal Smealey, north west of Chelmsford was the nearest unfound one to me.🙁 It was a bit of drive just for one cache but I’m a bit of a souvenir and challenge hound so I had to go for it.🤔

Just for the record, a Fine Pair cache is one that has a postbox and a red telephone box in very close proximity. It doesn’t say but as all UK post boxes are also red, I take this as read. ☹️This is another of those fine series that have sprung up over the years. My favourites are the Church Micros and the SideTracked caches.

I parked up near the church and set about gathering up the information needed for the multi. Once I had some decent coords to hand, I set off on the short walk to the search area. I noted the clever hint and quickly found the well placed cache. I carried out the admin duties and then replaced everything as I had found it.

1 Multi