9. Oct, 2018

An Oldies Outing

I had been planning a day out in Buckinghamshire for a long time now. As I couldn’t get to the Geolympix, I decided to come over before the winter weather set in and try to find some old caches to fill some gaps on my Jasmer grid. I had a plan of action taking in Jasmers, Church Micros and a few virtuals. There were probably too many on my list but hey, ho.😀

I started off early to beat the traffic on the A127 and the M25. I didn’t do too badly but got lost on the approach to Coombe Hill where I picked up the oldest remaining cache in England - View From Coombe Hill, an Earthcache - Chiltern Scarp and a couple of trads.

I then drove over to find another golden oldie - The Intermissendens. Once this was in the bag, I started on my list of CMs for the day. I found one at The Lee and came down into Chesham to have a go at the long list of multis in the town. I found one CM and solved a couple of others but the coords seemed to be way out of town. 🤔 I decided that I didn’t have time to mess around so called Chesham a day and drove out to the CM at Bellingdon.

I found that one and did a couple of the nearby Chiltern Hundred series. I did a few more CMs and the Fly By (Bucks) virtual on the way to the Ashbridge Estate. Once I was there, I had enough time to get the info for the Bridgewater Monument virtual and the another golden oldie trad - Tim & Jon’s 1st Re-stashed (UK’s 3rd oldest/Eng #2).😀

When I had finished in the Ashbridge Estate, I set off for Kings Langley to look for Hidden Sword not-so-virtual cache. As much as I tried, I just could not see the hidden sword so I had to resort to the other requirements that the CO had stipulated. Just look at the photo, can you see a sword?

This was my last cache of the day. I got nowhere near those caches on my list but I got all the biggies that I wanted.👍🏻 

1 Earthcache 3 Virtual 5 Multi 7 Traditional