13. Oct, 2018

Lakeland Views?

We are on a coach trip from VangeRover up to the Lake District via the Derbyshire Dales and returning on Sunday via Chester. I know that we are staying in Farnworth near Runcorn which is in Cheshire which will be a new county for me. If that fails, Chester is definitely in Cheshire.😀

I found a couple of trads in the Dales yesterday and today we were off to the Haverthwaite - Lakeside Steam Railway and then catching the boat up to Bowness-on-Windermere. However the weather was atrocious and the rain was chucking it down. I found the REALLY SideTracked at Haverthwaite and partly dried off on the train and boat trip up to Bowness.

I had one chance of a cache here and chose SWIFT VISIT, a 3.5/1.5 trad in the centre of town. It was hidden in the middle of a bush. Normally it would been so busy here but everyone apart from me was hiding from the deluge. Only mad dogs and geocachers go out in the pouring of rain.😀

All we had to do now is get back through the flooded roads back to the hotel. 🤔

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