21. Oct, 2018

Greek Stuff

I’d come over to Meopham for a couple of hours to find a few more caches here. I usually came down into Kent early morning on either Saturday or Sunday to do part or all of a series and today I had my eyes on this “It’s All Greek To Me” series. I have visited Greece many times and have a smattering of the language so I was not deterred by anything Greek.😀

I parked up in the High Street as dawn broke and set off on my mission. It was cool but dry which help me move quickly.😀 I didn’t do the series in any order, I just worked out a decent route and got on with it. I had worked out four mysteries before, some written Greek including numbers and text.

I found 2 : Beta, 3 : Gamma, 33 : Zenodutus, 5 : Epsilon, 8 : Theta, 9 : Iota, 10 : Kappa, 12 : Mu, 14 : Ksi, 15 : Omicron and 16 : Pi. I only failed at 11 : Lambda which was galling as it had been found the day before.☹️ Still it gives me a chance to come back this way.😀

1 Letterbox, 4 Mystery, 6 Traditional