23. Oct, 2018


My plan for today was to visit the Manningtree and Mistley area again to try to pick up some more caches in this neck of the woods. As usual I try to be in plan for the first cache of the day just after first light. I had to park down the road from Benji‘s Walk - Seagull’s Perch due to road closure for gas repairs. It took some time to find the cache in the public car park and some dog walkers came and went wishing me good morning. I could see one chap and his dog walking across the field as I signed the log sheet.

As I replaced the cleverly placed cache, the chap and his dog approached me, asking what I was doing and then the cabaret started. I started to explain what Geocaching was and offered to show him the app on my phone. He then said that he lived in the adjacent house and accused me of “casing” his house because I was a burglar.😀 I told him that he was being ridiculous as I was geocaching in a public place so he started to get aggressive and abusive, trying to be intimidating but failing. He said that he was going to call the police so I told him to phone them and I would tell the police about his threatening behaviour when they arrived. He didn’t make his move so I asked him if I should phone the police saying that a man with a vicious dog was threatening me. He told me to pi.. off and walked off himself. 

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