29. Oct, 2018

On Tour - 28th October

As usual I’m over in Kent early doors for a couple of hours to find some more caches. The clocks have altered overnight so I have an extra hour of daylight, which is nice.😀 I’m going to start off in Crayford and then work my way over to Hall Place and Gardens for a series of “On Tour” Challenge caches.

I found the mystery Coalpost #214 and the trad Propellant on the way over here. I parked up in the free car park to have a go at this series of mystery caches. I qualified for all but one and that’s Top Trump #8 . For this I’d have to find three different cache types in the USA. I only have only found two types of cache - trad and virtual in NYC and it’s unlikely that I will go back there. If only I’d known about this challenge before I visited the States.🙁

I wandered round the fields collecting caches that I’d qualified for from the “On Tour” series. it’s just occurred to me, it’s VangeRover On Tour doing “On Tour.” 🤔 It was starting to pour with rain and I’d found Hall Place : River View and Hall Place Gardens but I had to leave the park to look for more.

I left the car in the car park and followed the GPSr over to the Eighty Oak Woods multi. I was relying on that as this was all new territory for me.🤔 I got to the search area and spotted the info source and quickly worked out the coords for the final stage for a quick find. Now it was time for home.

1 Multi, 2 Trad, 2 Letterbox, 8 Mystery