7. Nov, 2018

Two Events

It‘s the anniversay of the setting up of the Church Micro cache series. As I’m very keen on CMs, I want to attend an event especially as there is a souvenir to collect. BEASTMARSTA has organised one at the Princess Charlotte pub in Stanway near Colchester so I was going. 

However there is a series of challenge caches in Scadbury Park near Crayford in Kent and one is called Gregarious- Assiduous Challenge. To qualify, you have to attend two events during one day.🤔 So when another event was published in Theydon Bois for today, I was up for it. This one was Woodford Cachers back in Theydon Bois in the Queen Victoria pub, organised by Abigails and Cachez. This one was from 7pm to 8pm and Beastie’s was from 8 to 10.

I got to the Victoria at 7 and chatted to six other cachers including Grobo59 until 7:40. I then drove for 55 minutes around the M25 and the A12 arriving in the Charlotte at 8:35. It was a who’s who of Essex cachers in there, probably about 50 in total and I chatted to many people until ten when it all broke up.

The things I do for caching.🤔

2 Events