10. Nov, 2018


I have an interest in local Heavy Anti Anticraft sites and I have visited quite a few in the district. There is a five gun site on a farm in Vange with most of the platform buried under earth but most of the building exist. In fact, the farmhouse has been built around some of the old barracks.

There’s another site up in Hadleigh Country Park where a lot of buildings still exist. There is a mystery cache based on this site - TN9 Hadleigh. In a nutshell, you have to work out the trajectory of a shell fired from the site and obtain the coords for where the shell lands to find the cache.

I have looked at this cache a number of times but couldn’t get my head around the maths. It’s been on my watch list for a while and a recent log gave me an idea. I had another look at this the other day and suddenly things dropped into place. I soon had another piece in the puzzle and a caching website that I use gave me the final coords. I was very keen to get out and look for the cache.

I parked up in the car park near the station and walked out to the search area where I quickly had the cache in hand. I was elated as I never thought that I would find this one. However, I wasn’t finished as had another one to find. Revenge of Alfarrow had also been on my watch list for ages now but couldn’t work out how to get the final coords. In desperation, I asked a fellow cacher for a nudge in the right direction and they did. Doh! This has been a firm reminder to always read all of the cache description.🤔 Once I had the coords, I had to come and find it.

Once I had found TN9, I carried on through the park out to the search area. I had to negotiate quite a few streams and marshy areas but once I got to where I wanted to be, I had a quick find of the well hidden cache. Once I had carried the clerical duties, I put the cache back exactly where I found it. I was so pleased to knock these two off the list.

By the way, the photo shows an QF 3.7 inch AA gun which I saw at the Navy Day in Chatham Dockyard a couple of years ago.

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