11. Nov, 2018

Lest We Forget

My wife has always wanted to visit her Grandfather’ grave in Brandhoek New Military Cemetery No 3 in Vlamertinge near Ypres but never had the chance. We were planning to come on a coach trip earlier in the year but it got cancelled. However, another one came up on Armistice Day, coinciding with the 100th anniversary of the end of World War One.

We got into Ypres about one o’clock, got off the coach and jumped a cab straight out to Vlamertinge. We found the grave of Gunner John Kemp, which was a very emotional moment. After an hour, the cab returned for us and dropped us off near the Menin Gate. It was very busy here but I was able to get close to the Arch to get a photograph to qualify for the Lest We Forget virtual.

I had done my research for this one. I needed to find details of a deceased Flanders soldier who was born on the same day and month as myself.

I was born 11/9/1948 and found :-

James Gordon Newell, born 11/9/1890 in Rochester, Kent.

He had emigrated to Quebec in Canada and was an electrician. He had enlisted in Valcartier, Quebec and joined the Canadian Expeditionary Force.

At the time of his death on 23rd April 1915, he was Private 7666 in the 2nd Battalion, Eastern Ontario Regiment. 

Rest in Peace - James Gordon Newell 11/9/1890 - 23/4/1915

Nearby was the De Menepoort cache and despite there being thousands of people milling around, I quickly found the very carefully placed cache. Once I had sorted out the paper work, I swiftly replaced the cache where I found it.

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