14. Nov, 2018

Pi or Cake - 13th November

I had a spare couple of hours so what better to do than come out and look for some caches. I had solved all of this splendid series of mystery caches all based on PI the 3.142 variety in Belfairs Park so it was an obvious choice to pop down here.

I parked up the car park and started following the GPSr around the park finding the Lemon Meringue, Mississippi Mud, Apple and Mushroom - Pi caches. I had chuckled when I found those caches as they were all homemade pottery pieces of cake as per the title.

The caches were all very cunningly positioned and difficult to find, in fact, the last one took me the best part of thirty minutes in the failing light. All of these were worthy of faves and they were justly awarded. I would love to have added a photo of one of the custom caches but it might spoil someone’s enjoyment. So I have added a photo of the carved owl up near the Essex Wildlife Trust visitors centre.

4 Mystery