15. Nov, 2018

Lambourne Limber

I’m nearing the end of a twelve month Geocaching challenge to get at least 150 caches a month. I usually have a whole day’s caching once a week but today I only had three hours due to reasons beyond my control. I needed numbers and had had had my eye on a ten trad circular series out near Lambourne End called Lambourne Woods Wander so I thought that would come in handy.😀

I needed to pick up a couple of caches on my way out to Lambourne End and had found the Church Micro Letterbox in Stapleford Tawney and the Magic Eye Mole mystery up near the Mole Trap pub. I had now parked up in the recommended parking spot for this series.

I had found #1 and #2 but whilst walking through the woods, I took the wrong path and ended at #10 so I was now tackling the series by a clockwise route. I found #9 down to #7 and then deviated off route to pick off a couple of extra trads. These were The Hidden Truffle and Lambourne Loop : Church View Oak was a remnant from an old archived series 

After visiting the church with its Norman doorway, which I photographe,  I walked down the road for a fail at #5 and was then back on track at #4. I finished off the day with #3, the last of the series and set off back to the car and home. 

1 Letterbox 1 Mystery 10 Traditional