22. Nov, 2018

No Sails At Windmill - 21st November

I’m still after numbers and have driven up into north Essex to Aythorpe Roding to walk the newly published Aythorpe Amble series of trads. If time permitted, I’d try to squeeze in a couple more caches.

I parked up in the village hall carpark and after finding #1, I walked towards this one admiring the views of this fine old Post Mill. I remember a long time ago when I was into windmills, visiting this one when it was in a dilapidated state. I was able to view the interior then. I’m glad to see looking in such a good condition now although minus the sails.

I followed the footpaths and lanes picking up a number of well thought out and varied caches. For some reason, there wasn’t a #7 but there was a CM multi between #6 and #8. 🤔 The only cache that I had trouble with was #10, the final cache in this excellent series. I had to text a friend here who soon told me that the hint was as much use as a chocolate teapot.😀

I reckoned that I had time for one more so I drove out to High Easter for an easy trad in the excellent Village Hall series. That’s all I had time for so it off down the lanes hoping that I wouldn’t get caught up in the traffic around Chelmsford.🤔

1 Multi 11 Traditional