25. Nov, 2018

Strood To The Hoo

It only seems like yesterday that I was in Strood chasing C&Ds. Unfortunately it’s true as I was here yesterday. I’m struggling to meet this 150 caches a month challenge. It‘s becoming boring and to add to the spice today, it’s raining so it’s going to be fun.

I was here at first light and continued on the TuGs C&D series, planning to visit Strood and Hoo St Werburgh. I mixed it up with a few lone trads and some of the Looney C&D series. It was all in and out of the car stuff trying to remain dry. I failed on three trads which broke the monotony and I also found one Letterbox.😀

The highlight of the day was at the TuGs - Else Talk Down cache. I’d parked up across the road and got out to grab the cache. At this moment, a walker stopped to see if I had a problem. I explained geocaching to Walter from Hoo. He had never heard of it.😀 He was 79 and said that he walked from Hoo to Rochester and back every day come rain or shine. He also blogged about it. It was good job that he had a goretex cagoule and over trousers on as it was chucking it down. 🙁

I’ll be glad to get to the end of January when I can a) claim this challenge, and b) start on one of my New Year Geocaching resolutions - Quality not Quantity.🤔

Btw the photo is of a pub in Hoo that time forgot about.

1 Letterbox 24 Traditional