3. Dec, 2018

Hang’em in Higham - 1st December

I’m beginning to know this area like the back of my hand. I’m thinking of applying to be a Blue Badge guide for Strood. I started off early to get down here as dawn cracked.

I had found one of the Leap around Shorne and one of the TuGs C&D series on the way to Higham.  I had two fails in quick succession here including the CM before giving the ST a whirl. The station car park was deserted and I soon got back on track.👍🏻

I found two easy trads on the way up to the CM at Higham St Mary. I parked up near the church and soon sorted out the coords to find the multi. For a hamlet, it was very busy here with heavy traffic going to and fro. I spoke to a lady named Fiona who said that there was some railway maintenance work going on.

I had previously solved the Time For An Easy Puzzle mystery previously and as it was nearby, I drove down here for an easy find of the well hidden cache. I did a bit of C&D with a couple of trads in Dillywood Lane before driving out on to the main road. At the junction, the well placed on yer bike trad was waiting to be my final cache of the day. A2, M25 and A13 here I come.🤔

1 Multi 1 Mystery 9 Traditional