4. Dec, 2018

Go Greenwich

The plan for today was to get onto the Greenwich Peninsula as dawn broke, start on the west side and then work my way down the east side of the peninsula collecting challenge caches that I had qualified for. I’d get down to the Thames Barrier and then work my way over to Greenwich Maritime via The Valley and Blackheath until dusk. As usual I had a long list of caches to try for. It’s normally far too much but better to be prepared. Here’s how the day went.

I came out of the station at the O2 in the dark and found my way to the river bank. I found the three of the countries challenges and four of the I Love series that I had qualified for. I then worked my way through the streets until I got to the river to start on the east side storey. I had qualified for all of the SOUP Challenges but unfortunately 5, 4.5 and 4 were disabled due to construction work and 3.5 proved to be missing in action. šŸ™ I had found the *3 to *1 SOUPs plus the bonus plus a few trads and got down to the Thames Barrier.

Once I had fathomed out the Earthcache, I started working my way back up west. I started off with a fail and then visited the Valley trad where I met Metas, a cacher from Lithuania. I passed a derelict old Truman’s which really needs saving. After a break for something to eat,I worked my way up Shooters Hill Road picking up multis and trads. I visited the Battle of Britain memorial, some challenge caches and a church micro before getting into Greenwich Maritime.

I spent about an hour or so on the St Alfege Wherigo. I worked my way round Greenwich Park and got close to the Observatory. There is an Earthcache in there but they wanted £16 to enter and no concessio rate so I gave it a swerve. Unfortunately the Wherigo cache was missing in action. šŸ¤Æ I carried on to find the nearby Fine Pair at the Cutty Sark. Needing another cache for the day šŸ˜‚ I walked down here for a quick find before deciding that it was getting dark and I needed a coffee. This was to be the last one of the day.

2 Earthcache 3 Multi 12 Traditional 15 Mystery 


For the record, I walked 34,620 steps, 17.2 miles and climbed 31 “flights of steps.”šŸ‘šŸ»