10. Dec, 2018

Three DNFs Avenged

I had a spare couple of hours so I decided to make good use of them by visiting South Woodham Ferrers to try to find three caches that had eluded me in the past.

First one up was the GARDEN OF REMEMBERANCE. I had found a cache here previously but it had been archived. I got to the search area and gave my impression of a SoCO until I found the cleverly positioned cache. Can you see it in the photograph?

Next one up was CUTLER ROAD and I had been to this cache three of four times, always coming away disappointed.🤔 I got to the search area and as usual the GPS was bouncing about. I was always pretty certain that the cache was in one area and also what I was looking for but I was always out of luck. Today, I struck lucky and eventually spotted the very well disguise cache. 

I was feeling flush and set off for Culver Rise, the last one that had been eluding me. I had been to this cache once before but it was missing in action. I walked up the path and soon spotted the well placed cache. There is no danger of this one falling. Three down, none to go.😀 I think that I have cleared the local area of caches now until some more get published.

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