14. Dec, 2018

I’m Bermondsey Bound

I have planned another full day’s caching in London today. I got off the C2C train at Limehouse or Stepney East as it used to be, in the dark. My plan was to work my way through the docks, wharves and walkways of East London and then cross the river at Tower Bridge. I would then walk as far down the riverside going west until I ran out of time. As an added bonus, the river level was low this morning so I was hoping to get down onto the beach for a couple of tidal caches. Here’s how the day went.

I got myself down to the Thames Path and started walking westwards. I started off with a fail but then worked my way along the river following the Swan to the Canary series up to Heritage Wharf. I had tried to get the Beach trad but although I climbed up everything I could, the cache was elusive.🤔 The highlights of this section were Wilton’s Music Hall, which has been on my must visit list pre Geocaching. Battle of Cable Street had also been on my list. Family folklore is that we had people on both sides that day.🤔

I took a self portrait at the Tower Bridge virtual and then carried on through St Katherine’s Dock, admiring the old maritime vessels, before working my way to the Tower of London. I spent some time here getting two caches without attracting the attention of hordes of the tourists taking selfies and group photos.🙁

I crossed Tower Bridge, found my way to the excellent Travel Bug Hotel and started working my way back east towards Rotherhithe. I found the Exotic Cargo Earthcache, the Bill Sykes multi on my way to the Look Out trad. Luckily the tide was still out so I was able to climb the structure shown in the photo. I had also tried the similar Jacob’s Ladder but just could not find a way down to the beach.

I found the two Rotherhithe CMs  before having a splendid coffee and cake in a delightful little coffee shop tucked away near St Mary’s. Carrying on, I found the trad at the Brunel Museum, had quite a few failures before getting back on track with a run of trads including Surrey Docks Farm, SE16#1 and Surrey Water before finding my way into the Russian Docks woodland for a couple more caches.

As the light was beginning to fail, it was almost time to wrap things up for the day. I decided to catch a bus back to Tower Bridge. I was lucky with the timings and a flash of the bus pass got me a free ride back to Tooley Street. I had a quick find of the well placed It‘s a mission trad in between buses and got myself across the giver to Fenchurch Street station. 

It‘s been another great day in Geocaching land.👏

1 Earthcache 2 Multi 2 Virtual 26 Traditional