17. Dec, 2018

Dartford - 16th December

It’s early on Sunday morning, dawn is breaking and I’m out Geocaching so I must be in Kent. 😀 I didn’t want to travel too far into the county this morning so I was concentrating my efforts around Stone to pick up some mystery and challenge caches. 

The first one of the morning was the mystery at the St Luke’s Chapel CM in Stone and then I drove down to the Stone Castle trad. As I walked up to the search area, I checked the logs and the cache hadn’t been found for over two years. 🤔 However the hint and the coords were spot on and I quickly found the well hidden cache. I followed the footpath down and around the edge of Bluewater to find the Old Bean Road multi. Just up the road was the Trackables 250 Challenge cache and I more than qualified for this. I had a quick find and set off back to the motor.

I was now after the rest of the Numbers Challenge series. The idea here was to get enough numbers in a grid to tally with the number in the challenge. Check out the photo for what was required.🤔 It took me ages to get enough 4/2.5s to complete the series.

I parked up at the entrance to the new housing estate and walked down to the start of the footpath. I found #3, #4, #5 and #6 to finish the series and then walked down to the nearby Errington’s Swanscombe TB Hotel trad. I got to the search area and quickly spotted the well placed cache. I signed the log sheet and took three TBs that had been resting since February.

There was just time for one more and Eye Spy... Beginning with N was just down the road. I quickly found the well placed nut and then set off back to the motor for home.

1 Multi 3 Traditional 6 Mystery