29. Dec, 2018

Trying To Get To You

I’d come over to Kent a bit later than normal this morning but I had to get over here. You know when you unexpectedly solve a mystery cache and then want to get over to it as soon as possible to make sure that it’s still there. Well, I had one of those to do In Longfield Hill and if I find it I’ll be.....

I found one of the On the Run series of trads and then the Church Micro at Longfield Hill that I rushed over here to find. I found the On the Run : View to Nurstead cache. I then used this place as a base to walk up the road to find the View to Meopham and Bulls or Sheep of the same series.

I walked back to the car and then drove back past these caches to park at the top of Stoney Cross on the tee junction. I walked down to the cache on Walnut Hill and then on to The Low Down trads.

I had time for a couple more so drove down into Longfield Hill and turned a glum face smiley at Getting Noticed multi on the Longfield Hill Loop.😀 The last cache of the morning was the Oh I do like to be beside the seaside mystery. This one had been in my solved tray for too long. However I couldn’t find the cache although the hint item seemed obvious and posted a DNF. The CO contacted me and kindly allowed me the claim the cache as he was going to archive it.😀😀

1 Multi 2 Mystery 6 Traditional