31. Dec, 2018

Bye Bye American Pie

I went to an event in Latchingdon today out on the Dengie Peninsula. It was held in a U.S. themed restaurant but if you know the Dengie, you’ll realise how out of place it was. However I really enjoyed the meeting as it was a great venue with good food and lots of people to talk to. I made some new geocaching friends here.

The hostess, BeanandSprout brought along her fabulous Geocoin collection for us to look at.👍🏻    (I must not start collecting these, I must not start collecting these, repeat😀)

Many thanks for organising this event for us all, Gilly. 👍🏻 A Happy and Prosperous New Year To you all.

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The photo is used with the kind permission of nathanjhunt 😀