6. Jan, 2019

Buckhurst Hill One - 4th January

This is my first caching day out since Christmas and I have decided to stay in Essex for a wander aound Theydon Bois, Debden and Buckhurst Hill. I had a late start as I had to drop number two daughter at the railway station first. I then set off. Here’s how the day went.

I parked up in Loughton Lane, Theydon and had a Wander around town finding the trads at the Buxton Sports Ground and the CM at ground and the church. I had a look for the disabled cache at the Village Hall but no joy so I walked across the village green to the Village Green trad. Next on the list was the SideTracked trad at the nearby Tube Station. I had breakfast in a nearby Bagel cafe which had a decent promotional breakfast deal.😀

I then drove down to Debden for a few drive pasts. I had found the Last Post, grow your own veggies, Babaling Brook and On the road trads and drove to Debden High Street parking up in the “free” car park.

I had found the Caribbean cache in the High Street and then Not Quite Trackside before finding the cache is in the post trad. I then drove down to the excellent, the owner wouldn’t take affence. I left some Travel Bugs here as they seemed safe enough here.

I used the easy parking here and walked out to the back of nowhere to the side of the motorway for Welcome Gates. I failed to find the old timer Cold War No More so decided to take a round about walk out to the Old Bucks trad and then on to the clever 99 problems trad.

It took me a long time to walk back through the fields and across the small river bridges back to the car. I moved on to the The Shed End trad and set off to find some more caches in Buckhurst Hill. I had just found a couple of trads in town and found a free parking space in a supermarket car park opposite a coffee shop. This would be my base for a wander around town for a trad hunt.

I walked up into the woods and helped a lady retrieve her lost dog before finding the Is It Healthy, followed up by The Kings Avenue caches. I took the short walk to Is It Infected and then set off for the final cache of the day, Post No Bills. I took the plunge here and soon had the cache in hand with no sign of an arachnid. 🤔 I signed the log sheet and put the cache back where I had found it. Now it was back to the car via the coffee shop.

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