6. Jan, 2019

Buckhurst Hill Two

I was only caching in Buckhurst Hill on Friday but I only scratched the surface so I decided to come back over here this morning for a couple of hours to find some more. I parked up opposite St John the Baptist Church and soon gathered the information for the CM Letterbox. Once I had the coords, I had a pleasant walk down into the forest to uncover a well hidden ammo can. Once back at the car, I drove the short distance to find the well hidden trad on the steel sculpture gracing the Linden Field Gate trad.

I was after an Earthcache highlighting the localised Woodford Gravel. I parked up down a side street at the entrance to the forest and found the Welcome To Essex, Lost Dinner and the A Toad (or is it a Frog) In The Hole trads before meandering around the trees and lakes to get to the Earthcache. Once I had gathered all the information, I sent my answers off to the CO and set off for the last cache of the morning.

I found my way through the trees to the Birdhouse Hotel trad and spotted the excellent cache almost immediately. I sorted out the clerical duties and then set off back to the motor. A few days later when looking through one of Rubyshoos’s challenge caches that I only needed a 2003 Large cache to qualify. I now know that any one of three caches of this morning’s would have filled that qualifying slot. 🤔 I shall be back.😀. 

1 Letterbox 1 Earthcache 5 Traditional