8. Jan, 2019

London Day Out

I had planned a whole day’s caching in London and got into Fenchurch Street at 0845. My plan was to work my way down to the river catching some ECs and some trads. I would then cross the river, working my way along the South Bank and down to Westminster. After some more virtuals and ECs, I’d go down to Vauxhall Bridge and cache my way back via Waterloo and Southwark. This is how the day went.

I had found Moonlit Alley II multi in Mincing Lane and then walked through the pedestrian traffic down into Cannon Street for the Holy Stones and the London Stone Earthcaches.

I had a hairy moment when getting up to the Under The Boardwalk trad. You may spot the cache within the iron ring.🤭 I then crossed the Thames over Southwark Bridge and walked down the South Bank to the trad at the Tate. I got down onto Bankside Beach for the Father Thames & The Mermaid (As Tides Go By) trad and River Thames - Rocks on the Beach Earthcache and then had breakfast in a nearby coffee shop.

Suitably refreshed, I walked up to the Doon Street trad and then the London Calling Virtual before crossing the Thames to the old Palace. Now this one caused me some grief as access to the source of the information required was blocked. I was able to get permission from two policemen to get past the security screen around College Green so I was able to gather enough information to claim the cache.

I crossed the road to have a good look around the Buxton Memorial Fountain Earthcache and then walked down to the Church Micro at Pimlico - St Saviour. I needed to get over to the South side of the river and Vauxhall Bridge was the nearest crossing point. I walked up the South Bank collecting trads. I spent some time at White Hart Dock seeking out the wartime signage showing that it was used as a Emergency Water Supply. After finding the Church Micro multi at St Mary’s in Lambeth, I made my way up to Waterloo Bridge where it was time to move away from the river.

I found the nearby SideTracked and Ambulance Station caches and then walked down to find the two Earthcaches at St George’s Circus and the Tibetan Peace Garden. It was ironic to find the Peace Garden within the grounds of the Imperial War Museum. 🤔

It was now time to work my way up towards London Bridge. I found the JFH, the elusive Winchester Geese (interesting to find out what the Winchester Geese were) and then the well hidden trad in Borough Market.

I spent some time examining the Earthcache at Southwark Cathedral and then moved on to find the trad at the Golden Hind. I walked the short distance to the top of Duke Street Hill to examine the granite coping stones for the London Bridge Earthcache. This was the last cache of the day.

2 Multi 2 Virtual 8 Earthcache 16 Traditional