12. Jan, 2019

Bell, Book and the Candle or was it?

I had a spare hour or two so decided to pick up a couple of stray caches in South Green. One looked to be a simple trad and the other was a multi called Book Series #1. You had to find all the stages and then post the name of the book to the CO.🤔

I parked up opposite the school in Coxes Green Road and walked up to find the Greenwich trad. I then came down to the first stage of the multi and we were off.😀 Let’s say that the stages were based on the Bell, Book and the Candle. At stage one was a book,at stage two, a book. You’ve got the drift.😀

This is a very clever and well thought out cache. I enjoyed working through the stages, chuckling at each stage, especially the final. This one was absolutely worth more than one fave point.

1 MultI, 1 Trad