13. Jan, 2019

SOS in Swanley

I’m back in Swanley for a few more caches including some mysteries. It’s just as dawn is breaking and I have to be back home for ten.🙁 I noticed that this (SOS) Swanley Orbital Series had just been published so I thought that I’d come over for a look. However there was one mystery probably a challenge cache that still hadn’t been found but I qualified so I had to chance of a First To Find. The qualification was to find caches in 20 EU countries and I have 26.😀 Here’s how the morning went.

I quickly found the mystery at #31 and claimed the First To Find.😀 I crossed the icy bridge over the A20 and walked down to find #32 and #33. I found the Swanley Gospel Church Micro mystery cache on the way back along the muddy track to the motor. I found #28, #29 and #30 of the series, the Chestnut Tree Cafe and 20 a Day mystery caches.

Time was running out so I decided to find a couple north of the A20. I found the Virtually 60 challenge and then #25 of the series before finding the Swanley Congregational Church Micro. #27 of the series was to be the last of the day and it was now time for home.

6 Mystery 10 Traditional