14. Jan, 2019

Blackmore, Ritchie or Nigel?

I used to work with Nigel in the BT Radio Stations. Ritchie is one of the finest rock guitarists out there founding Deep Purple in the late 60s. However, the Blackmore that I’m referring to today is that splendid village over the other side of Brentwood.  We decided to go for a drive over there because it was reported that there was a really decent tea room over there. I also wanted to check out a possible Earthcache placement that I had been thinking about. 🤔

After a cracking lunch in a place that really lived up to its reputation, we went for a walk around the village. I remembered that I had solved this mystery CM at St Laurence’s recently. 😂 Whilst my wife wandered around the church yard, I had a root around for this one and soon had my hand on this well placed cache. 

1 Mystery