15. Jan, 2019


I’m meeting the chaps for lunch today in Billericay today. However, I’m going a little early as there have been a few trads published down by Billericay Town‘s ground. 

The first cache was Going Postal. I was STF here.As I was signing the log, a car pulled and a chap jumped out saying that he had just found the cache. Fitzhunter and I had a chat for a little while. When we spoke out our caching goals, he said that he wanted to cache in all the US states as he travels over there a lot.😎

I asked what he did and he said that he played in a band. I asked which one and he asked if I’d heard of Emerson, Lake & Palmer. I said, not only had I heard of them but had seen them many times and their forerunner band, The Nice featuring David O’List. I also said that two of them were long deceased.☹️

He said that the remaining member, Carl Palmer had a band called Carl Palmer’s ELP Legacy and he played bass guitar. We then chatted for a long time about ELP‘s classic album - Mussorgsky‘s Pictures at an Exhibition and favourite bass players (mine are Jack Bruce and Felix Pappalardi). 

Soon it was time to go and after wishing him well, I quickly found the very clever New Lodge Turf and another of the Book Review series. I guessed this book right too. Let’s just say that the classic 1950 film of the same name, starred Robert Newton.😀

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