24. Jan, 2019

Coffee and Cake in a Village Hall

I wanted to attend a Village Hall series event to a) celebrate the anniversary of the start of this series and b) to get the special souvenir that attendees of such event qualify for.🤔 The trouble was that the nearest one to me was in Wiggington in Herts or was it Bucks? It certainly wasn’t the one outside York. Even I’m not daft enough for that one.😀 The plan was to drive up here, pick up a few CMs, attend the meeting and then look for some challenge caches in the area that I qualify for. Here’s how the day went.

I had found the CM multi in Sunnyside on the way to Berkhamsted and then parked up in the free car park on the other side of the canal. I walked up into town and found the Village Sign and the Baptist CM trads and then the CM multi at St Peter’s. With my time running out, I got back to the car and set off for the event at Wigginton Village Hall.

I parked up outside the Village Hall but there was a nursery group using the hall. There was a church hall opposite but I thought that there was a parish meeting in progress here. Luckily someone with a geocacher’s demeanour walked past so I identified myself and the cacher said that the meeting was in the church hall.🤔

Once I had entered the hall, I made a beeline for the serving hatch and ordered a mug of coffee and two large slabs of cake. This was to be breakfast and lunch.😀 I had already been “clocked” by the CO as a cacher so went to sit on the right table and was introduced to the attendant cachers. I was really pleased to meet up with SimplyPaul and had to congratulate him on his fantastic Space Invader cache in Holborn. The meeting passed by too quickly and once it finished, I set off to collect a few more caches around the village.

I found the Village Hall Letterbox, the Baptist CM Mystery, Lola’s Backyard trad and then the St Bartholomew CM multi in Wigginton before calling it a day there and driving down to Aldbury for the Lady Saints challenge cache. It was only here that I realised how close I was to the site of the Winter Olympics. 🤔 If it had registered with me before, I would have added some of the caches to my list.

However, I had a few challenge caches to find around Little Brickhill so drove up there and quickly ticked the Church Micro off my list. I was looking for a safe place to park to tackle a few of the challenge caches. Once I was safely parked, I walked over to pick up the Resuscitator Challenge and then up the road to the 500 TB Challenge, the Iconic Challenge cache and then the Reviewing the Reviewer Challenge set off back through the wood to the car.

After a long drag through the muddy paths I found the Spell Your Name Challenge and then returned to the car. I came up here to find the Alpha/Numeric Challenge and a nearby trad. I was starting to wind down for the day now and I only had a couple more on my list.

First up was the Botanical Attributes Challenge and then the Virtual Challenge up the road. Now I was off to my last one of the day and I was saving the best until last.🤔 If I found this one, it would complete my Jasmer list right down to 12/2001. However when I got to the church. I didn’t think that I would have much luck here trying to find the widely spaced clues but in the end and much to my surprise, I found them all. 😀 I worked out the coords and the search area was a decent trek away but once I got there, I had a quick find of the well hidden cache. I must have had a big grin on my face as I signed the log sheet. I put everything back as I had found it and then set off back to the car. This had been a great day’s caching.😀

1 Event 1 Letterbox 4 Multi 5 Traditional 9 Mystery