27. Jan, 2019

I’m Glad That’s Over

I’m back in Kent early doors with a short list of challenge caches that I qualify for that I really need to put to bed. I’m starting in Swanley and then working my way over to Scadbury Park to find some of the Assiduous Cacher series of challenges. 

I had already found a 5/4 challenge cache in Swanley and another on the way out of town on the journey down to Footscray. This was a 4.5/1.5 challenge that required me to find at least one cache in 50 UK counties. I now have 57 so I was able to sign in good faith.

I found another mystery cache on the way to Scadbury Park. I had been here before and claimed some of the Assiduous series but now I was back as I had now qualified for Aqueous, Manifold, Megacosm and the Gregarious caches. Once I had signed all the paper work, I set off for my last one of the day back in Swanley.

This was a Repetetive Accumulation Challenge which needed me to find 150 caches a month for a year to claim this one. I had actually signed the log sheet here back in May but then realised that I didn’t qualify.☹️ Luckily I found over 150 a month since February so at least I had a head start. It was touch and go over the next few months whether I would get to the required total but I did. Imagine, my horror, when half way through January, with only another fifty caches required to meet my target, that I realised that the cache had been archived. 🤬🤯🤯🤯. I explained the situation to the CO who thankfully allowed me to claim the cache when I had qualified.😀😀😀

I‘m glad that’s over and I can start to concentrate on one of my Geocaching resolutions - Quality not Quantity.🤔 

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