29. Jan, 2019

Back Up The Smoke

I’m up in town for another day’s caching in the big city. As usual, I had a long list of hopefuls that I hoped to get to but it was probably too long.🤔 Here’s how the day went.

I pulled into Fenchurch Street Station just before nine and walked around to the virtual at St Olave’s but again it wasn’t open. Thwarted, I made my way down to Tower Bridge and then through the back streets to Gibbons Rent to find the splendid Letterbox.

I continued my route through the back streets of Bermondsey, Southwark and the Elephant finding Church Micros. After a break for coffee and cake, I walked up to the Festival Hall on the South Bank via the Dexy’s and the Waterloo Necropolis trads.

After I found a trad and the Henry’s Lost Letters multi, I crossed the river via Waterloo Bridge and visited the Earthcache at Cleopatra’s Needle. After finding the trad in Northumberland Avenue, I set off to explore the Basalt at the Black Beauty Earthcache. I walked up to New Scotland Yard to sort out the two Sherlock multis.

Once I got into Trafalgar Square, there were a few Earthcaches that I wanted to look at. I sorted out the information for Ostra Antigua and Nelson’s Column and then had a rest in a coffee shop across the road. With my thirst slaked, I walked up the Mall to Buckingham Palace to gather info for the Earthcache there and then onto the Australian War Memorial.

It was time to turn back towards the East End so I headed over to Green Park Station for the underground trad and then walked around the corner for the Garnets Earthcache. This was turning into an Earthcache Day. After I had found a challenge cache and then a virtual, I gathered information for the Syenite and Serpentinite Earthcaches.

It seemed fitting that I should finish the day on another Earthcache with a prime one being a Fine Pair cache in Cavendish Square with a souvenir badge. I gathered the information needed to satisfy the COs requirements and then sent off my answers.

1 Letterbox 1 Virtual 2 Mystery 5 Multi 6 Traditional 11 Earthcache